Interpersonal Skills and Horses

Many people may have difficulty relating or getting close to other people, yet, they manage to establish close bonds with horses. Through working with horses, people recognize their patterns of interacting with others. Horses do not speak, but they are excellent communicators with their body language. Learning to understand horse behavior helps people learn the way their behavior and actions impact others.

While riding can be part of equine work, the most important experiences happen on the ground during the interactions between person and horse. Exercises as simple as leading and grooming teach people how to approach others with respect and awareness. In Equine Assisted Learning, people are encouraged to express what they see and feel. A trained assistant guides the person to see the horse’s responses with an objective lens. Thus, they begin to recognize the ways in which their perceptions are accurate or misguided. They also discover the ways they may be projecting their own issues onto others

Posted on March 22, 2023

by Laurel Griffin