The Horse & Human Connection

“There are striking similarities between horses and people,” says Dede Beasley, M.Ed., LPC, an equine therapist, who grew up riding horses. She has also maintained a private practice counseling individuals, couples and families for 30 years. “Like people, horses are social beings whose herd dynamics are remarkably similar to the family system.” At Spirit Winds Ranch, west of Cochrane, Alberta, Equine Assisted Learning is a way to experience significant change in a gentle, hands-on way. It challenges people to look at themselves and the world from a different perspective.

People who have struggled to make progress or achieve their goals have fun and make significant breakthroughs with the aid of Equine Assisted Learning. Research has confirmed many benefits of working with equine (horse) partners. It lowers your blood pressure and heart rate, alleviates stress and reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression. Equine work can also help people struggling with mental unwellness.

There are several life skills that horses teach better than another human can. This is the primary benefit of using equine assisted learning with individuals facing challenges. Horses are non-judgmental and meet people in the moment, always with a clean slate, regardless of your past or what is “expected” of you in your future

Posted on April 1, 2023

by Laurel Griffin