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We are very thankful for our generous sponsors! Their sharing and appreciation of our core values and mission are primary drivers in the success of Spirit Winds Ranch. Without their support, we would not be able to do the work we do. Please be sure to visit their websites to see more of the wonderful things they are doing in the Cochrane Community 

If you wish to become a valued sponsor of Spirit Winds Ranch, please contact our Chief Horse Officer Laurel Griffin. Thank you!

Sign Up To Volunteer

Volunteering with horses is an opportunity to connect with these majestic creatures and make a positive impact on their lives. Horses are intelligent and sensitive animals that respond positively to human interaction, making them an ideal animal to work with as a volunteer. By donating your time and skills, you can help ensure that horses receive the care and attention they need, which can include feeding, grooming, exercising, and even training.

While volunteering with horses is a great way to give back to these beautiful animals, it can also provide personal benefits. Studies have shown that spending time with horses can reduce stress and anxiety levels, improve mental health, and foster a sense of purpose and connection with the world around us. Horses have a calming presence that can help us feel grounded and present, which is especially important in today’s fast-paced and stressful world.

Volunteering with Spirit Winds can also be a great way to learn new skills and meet like-minded individuals who share your passion for these amazing animals. From basic horse care and handling to more advanced training techniques, there is always something new to discover.

Volunteer Appreciation

Our dedicated volunteers put in a relentless effort to provide exceptional care for our horses through training, maintenance, and other essential tasks, all while striving to ensure our visitors have a memorable experience. We wholeheartedly appreciate their commitment and tireless work, and thus, we have dedicated this section to showcase our gratitude towards each of our volunteers. We also extend a warm invitation to anyone interested in becoming a volunteer at our ranch. Join us in this enthusiastic and dedicated group of individuals by reaching out and signing up today!

“One gift of the Natural Horsemanship is to learn what “horsenalities” I have in my herd. Every horse, volunteer and visitor has their horsenalities, these are very revealing and can teach us a lot about ourselves. I’m very grateful and humbled for the volunteers and their work because, without them, none of this would be possible. “


Inspiring Stories

“What I like the most about being here is that we can provide an hour of calm for visitors to step away from whatever is going on in their worlds. I came in with my own mental and emotional stuff, and being able to connect and work with the horses is just priceless.”


“I’ve always loved horses, and having this new understanding of them was quite a new channel for me. It is very rewarding and interesting to see visitors come fairly unsure and then find their way to connect with the horses and blossom.”


“It’s been an incredible journey working with Laurel, the horses, and the children who come and benefit from this amazing project. It also gave me another way of looking at horses and what we can do with them in a more friendly approach.”


Meet Our Volunteers

Corinne is a fitness and yoga instructor in Cochrane. She has training in Reiki and enjoys practicing Reiki on horses. Reiki is a form of energy work that helps move energy in the body and it can bring a sense of peace and calmness to not only the horse but to all those around.

Kelly thinks is important to give back to the community by volunteering. She loves being part of the team at Spirit Winds Ranch.

Kerri loves being outside biking, hiking, paddle boarding and now hanging around the ranch. Has never “really” worked with horses but is fully embracing the opportunity to work with these amazing beings.

Susan is a lifelong horse person. Participating in building the special connection between horses and people is one of my favourite aspects of volunteering here.

Some of our volunteers are shy and didn’t want their photos on this page, we honour that. However, we would still like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to them all for their hard work and contributions to help make the ranch what it is.